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LSB-320 Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

LSB-320 Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine controls by PC programmable servo motor through the human-machine touch screen interface. It can produce various of specifications paper bags.

Product Description

Roll Feeding square bottom paper bag making machine forming the paper bag in one process from printed or unprinted roll paper , side gluing, roll folding, roll paper cutting, bottom folding, bottom gluing, bottom forming, bag formation at a stroke. This machine controls by PC programmable servo motor through the human-machine touch screen interface. It can produce various of specifications paper bags. This machine have advantages of high speed, quickly replace the paper bag specifications, more wide range adjusting etc. It is an ideal machine for producing food bag, shopping handles bag.


1.  The human-machine touch screen interface, the work condition can be shown in real- time.
2. Equipped with accurate servo motor drive, it makes the machine run steadily and efficiently.
3. Material lifting adopt pneumatic lift structure.
4. “foolproof” style automatic constant tension control system using the United Stated Bellofram precision controller. The tension will be just right from beginning to end.
5. Double photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system and deviation rectification stability, energy saving, long life.
6. Thumb buttons, appressed bottom cutting device, bag type have many choices.
7. Don't stop machine adjust double bottom structure, the adjustment will become more intuitive, more simple, more time saving.
8. Glue roller air defense coating control, avoid gluing on besmear brushs hub surface directly, reduce unnecessary trouble.
9. Accurate color tracking system, color errors automatically shut down.
10. Automatic lubricating oil supply system.

Paper bag structure

Technical Parameter:

机型 Type LSB-320  
制袋宽度(W) Bag Width(W) 130-320 mm  
袋底宽度(H) Bottom Size(H) 60-150 mm 85-180 mm
切割长度(C) Bag tube length(C) 270-530 mm  
制袋长度(L) Bag Length(L) L=C-(H÷2+15~25)  
最大制袋速度 Max.Speed 220 pcs/min  
纸张克重 Paper Thickness 60-170 gsm  
纸卷宽度 Paper Roll Width 400-970 mm  
最大纸卷直径 Max.Roll diameter 1200 mm  
纸卷内径 Reel inner diameter 76 mm  
总功率 Total Power 11 kw  
    11 Kw  
机器重量 Weight of Machine 5500 kg  
外形尺寸 Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 8250×1800×1800 mm  

Detailing Description 

Man-machine interface touch screen
Adopt touch screen and PC control system, the work condition can be shown real time. Cooperate with the ultra precise servo motor, the stability can be guaranteed.
Automatic counting systemAutomatic counting system
The machine has automatic counting system. The user can set a number to count. When bag quantity meets the number, the bag will be jumped out like the picture shows.
Automatic glue supply system at the bottomAutomatic glue supply system at the bottom
Automatic glue supply system is adopted for glue coating at the bottom. If the amount of glue in the glue tank is insufficient, the glue will be supplied automatically. When the machine stops, the rubber roller will run automatically to avoid glue solidification after the machine stops.
The compact design of mechanical transmission
The compact design of mechanical transmission, ensure that the material is passed stable, accurate, improving mechanical properties, producing paper bags better appearance, neat.
monolithic cylinder-forming adjusting structure
monolithic cylinder-forming adjusting structure greatly saves time,improve working effciency,and enhance stability of adjustment.
Color Mark Tracking System
Precise color mark tracing system can make sure precision of bag printing pattern cutting position. The color mark tracing function can avoid the readjustment after paper reel changing, paper web breaking, or power outage. The machine can stop automatically when the color mark is error. It will save time and reduce the waster rate.

Detailing Description