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LMD-400B Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine

LMD-400B Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine

This paper bag machine forming the paper bag in one process from roll paper, edge folding, tube forming, cutting, gluing, bottom folding,bottom gluing and finishing bag Easy operation, low power consumption, high efficiency. It is an ideal machine for producing food bags like bread bags, KFC bags and Mcdonald’s bags.

Product Description


This machine froming the roll paper to the Spray adhesive, Paste the film, the top of the glue, into a tube, cut bags, folding bottom, paste the finished product bag finished once. The new model is more convenient, more efficient and more stable, fast food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags, shopping bags, and so the ideal equipment for environmental protection paper bags.


1.The human-machine touch screen interface, the work condition can be shown in real- time.
2.Equipped with accurate servo motor drive, it makes the machine run steadily and efficiently.
3.Material lifting adopt pneumatic lift structure.
4.Double photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system and deviation rectification stability, energy saving, long life.
5.The machine has automatic counting system. The user can set a number to count.
6.Accurate color tracking system, color errors automatically shut down.

Paper bag structure

LMD-400B/600B Automatic High Speed Paper Bag Making Machine

Technical Parameter:

Type LMD-400B
Cutting Length(C) 150-460 mm
Bag Length(L) 140-450 mm
Bag Width(W) 70-280 mm
Gusset Thickness(H) 0-120 mm
Standard Flap(P) 12-20 mm
Max.Speed 500 pcs/min
Paper Thickness 30-80 gsm
Paper Roll Width 220-700 mm
Max.Roll Diameter 1100 mm
Reel Inner Diameter 76 mm
paste window unit Yes
Film Thickness 0.02-0.04 mm
Film Width 50-180 mm
The Max Film Diameter 450 mm
Film Inner Diameter 76 mm
Total Power 7 kw
Weight of Machine 3700 kg
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 6000×1550×1500 mm

Detailing Description  

LMD-400B/600B Automatic High Speed Paper Bag Making MachineMan-machine interface touch screen
Adopt touch screen and PLC programmable control system, the work condition can be shown real time. Cooperate with the ultra precise double servo motor, the stability can be guaranteed.
Servo control system
Adopt Japanese original Yaskawa servo control system to realize high-speed and precise operation control.
Independent glue coating system
Independent glue coating system, the glue coating system can be run independently after the machine stops, avoiding the glue drying and not easy to clean. The glue tank is glued to the bottom to prevent glue from dripping.
LMD-400B/600B Automatic High Speed Paper Bag Making MachineThe paper tube forming system
The paper tube forming system can be adjusted as a whole. It can increase the work efficiency and stability; reduce the waster rate during the producing; and save time of adjusting.
LMD-400B/600B Automatic High Speed Paper Bag Making MachineHot-melt glue spraying system
Hot-melt glue spraying system makes the pasted materials more stably. The bags won’t unglued keep in the cold condition. 
Automatic constant tension and rectify deviation systems
automatic constant tension control system. The tension will be just right from beginning to end. Automatic edge control system adopts two photoelectric sensors to detect the edge of paper web. its life is extended.

Sample Pictures

LMD-400B/600B Automatic High Speed Paper Bag Making Machine