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What is the maintenance process of paper bag machine?

Datetime: 3/28/2023 9:30:00 AM   Visit: 1489

There are several types of processes that must be achieved for the daily maintenance and upkeep of paper bag machines. They are machine and equipment cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication and anti-corrosion work. In the usual production process, the equipment maintainer to ensure that: according to the equipment packaging machinery and equipment maintenance guidelines and maintenance specifications, in accordance with the prescribed cycle time strictly comply with all types of maintenance work, reduce the rate of damage to parts, remove the security risks that cause problems, and increase the use of equipment term.  


  Paper bag machine machinery and equipment maintenance work are: routine maintenance, on-time maintenance and unique maintenance. On-time maintenance can be divided into primary maintenance, secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance three categories, unique maintenance can be divided into quarterly maintenance and stop using maintenance two. The following article will be the actual process of these types of maintenance work and common problems to carry out a detailed introduction.


  Paper bag machine routine maintenance to clean, lubrication, regular inspection tightening as the focus point, in the work of equipment and after work must be carried out as required routine maintenance. First-level maintenance work is achieved on the basis of routine maintenance, the key work content is lubrication, tightening and check all relevant parts and cleaning work.


  Secondary maintenance work to check and adjust as the key. The actual to test the car engine, clutch, transmission, transmission system prefabricated components, turn for and brake system prefabricated components. The key to the third level of maintenance is to check, adjust, fault detection safety hazards and balance the level of damage of each component. To carry out diagnostic testing and situation physical inspection of parts that endanger the performance indicators of machinery and equipment and parts with common fault omens, so as to carry out the required removal and replacement, adjustment and common fault resolution.


  Turning season maintenance means that the packaging machinery and equipment every year into the summer and winter before the key to the power unit (car engine), transport system software (spiral drive shaft and drive belt transport), air pressure system software (check the lubrication and sealing of the air compressor), and automatic control system (Youte mechanical and electrical engineering control box maintenance, this part needs to be carried out under the specific guidance of Youte after-sales engineers) and other components of the monitoring and Repair.


  Stop using maintenance means that when the packaging machinery and equipment must stop using for a period of time due to seasonal elements (such as winter recess) and so on, cleaning, cosmetic surgery, supporting facilities, waterproofing, corrosion prevention and other work should be strengthened.

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