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What are the advantages of using a Flexo Printing Machine? What are the core functions of a Flexo Printing Machine?

Datetime: 10/21/2022 1:50:00 PM   Visit: 490

flexo printing Machine Core functions

1.The flexo printing machine has strong post-press processing capabilities. The printing unit and processing functions can be flexibly configured according to the needs of users. The unit type flexo printing machine can be easily installed with auxiliary equipment, and auxiliary joint processing can be carried out after printing, such as varnishing, die-cutting, etc. It is convenient Operation and maintenance, with good performance, you can measure the tension with a dyne pen.

2.Now the high-speed multi-color printing parts are standardized, the components are generalized, the product series is relatively high, and the design is advanced. Such as automatic control systems such as attached tension, edge position, and registration.

3.It is suitable for short-run live printing units with many stations, and one machine is multi-purpose. For special printing products with small batches, urgent delivery, and many stations, the use of this type of equipment has advantages.

4.Flexographic printing machines can perform single-color and multi-color printing. For web-feed printing machines, double-sided printing can be achieved by changing the conveying route of the substrate, or by means of reversing rollers.

5.The printing materials of flexographic printing machines can be widely used in sheet-fed paper, cardboard, corrugated paper and other hard materials, or in roll form, such as self-adhesive paper and newspapers. The viscosity of printing materials must be accurately measured with a viscosity cup. 

6.The distance between each imprinting unit of the short-distance flexo printing machine is small, which is convenient for multi-color overprinting, so this machine can be used to print small prints such as trademarks and packaging boxes with high precision. For printing materials with less flexibility, overprinting The effect is also better.



Flexographic printing machine features

1.The ink used in flexographic printing has certain characteristics, and the thickness of the ink layer is large. Therefore, compared with other printing methods, the products printed by the flexographic printing machine will look more three-dimensional.

2.Flexographic printing presses use many types of inks, and other pigments can also be used. Because he prints more colors, the printing effect is better, and it has better light fastness.

3.The flexo printing machine can print out a specific screen frame, so the size of the printed product can be larger than that printed by other printing methods, which is a big advantage compared to other printing methods.

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