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Types and application knowledge of square bottom paper bag machine

Datetime: 10/29/2022 2:03:00 PM   Visit: 101

Types and application knowledge of square bottom paper bag machine

1. LSB series square bottom models can be used as paper bags with M sides and rectangular bottoms. The bottoms can be made of splayed bottoms and flat bottoms. Cutting can be tooth-cut or flat-cut, and the bag mouth can also be cut with thumb buttons. These are all standard Function. Main uses, such as clothing bags, takeaway bags, supermarket shopping bags, chestnut bags, flour bags, fast food packaging bags, etc.

2.LSB series models are currently divided into 7 models, using a motion controller control system, changing the cutting length size, automatic points, automatic shutdown of materials, etc., can be modified through touch screen input, with a high degree of automation, can be used to The printed materials are tracked, positioned and cut.

3.LSB series square bottom models have many optional functions, fully automatic with round rope R-type or flat rope F-type handle connected in one, two-color or four-color printing in one connection, SMD die-cut handle hole ( Patch bag), double-sided tape on the mouth of the bag, window in the middle of the paper bag or window with partial opening, double-layer paper bag.

4.LSB series square bottom models, there are the following ways to make tote bags;

4.1After the paper bag machine has made a paper bag without a handle, you can buy the prepared paper handle on the market, manually brush glue or glue the paper handle on the paper bag with a small glue applicator, this method is suitable for initial production, Small order volume and low investment budget.

4.2The paper bag machine makes a paper bag without a handle, and the hand-held machine makes a paper handle. The paper handle made by the hand-held machine has been painted with glue. The paper handle is transported to the station through the assembly line, and the paper handle on the assembly line is manually placed It can be put into the paper bag. This method is suitable for medium-term production. The order volume is large, and the investment budget is only increased by one handheld machine, which reduces the outsourcing cost of the paper handle and increases the profit margin.

4.3The paper bag machine is fully connected with a round rope R-type or flat rope F-type handle integrated, and the paper bag handle is formed at one time. This method is suitable for mass production, the time for changing specifications and adjustment is relatively long, and the price of the machine is relatively high.