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Daily use of paper bag machine precautions

Datetime: 3/16/2023 9:46:00 AM   Visit: 1111

Paper bag machine for the production of environmentally friendly paper bags, in all walks of life are used, fully automatic paper bag machine in the set up directly after the material can be automatically put to produce paper bags, after the production is completed to send inspection. Operation of paper bag machine is mainly to pay attention to the safety of production, do a good job before the start of the inspection and cleaning after shutdown, timely handling of faults. Here's a look at how to operate the paper bag machine


LSB-450XL+LST-41400 卷筒纸柔印方底纸袋制袋机


  1, before connecting the power supply, you must use the table to measure the power supply voltage frequency within the allowable range.


  2, the wire access must be used when the round crimping terminal. 


  3, before turning on the machine must check whether the ground wire is connected and safe, before not confirming the connection must not be turned on.


  4、If the machine is inspected, it must be disconnected from the power supply for 10 minutes before proceeding, otherwise it may cause electric shock.


  5, in the power on or off for a period of time, the stepper motor may appear high temperature, please do not touch with your hands, otherwise it may cause burns.


  6、Do not modify the machine and use other accessories that do not match, otherwise it may cause accidents. 


  7, normal operation and maintenance must not touch the static bar or it may cause life-threatening. 


  8, after the instantaneous power failure, the motor suddenly (after the reset time) start, please turn off the power after the power failure. 


  9、In order to stop running equipment in an emergency, please set the external emergency cut-off switch. 


  10、Safety instructions on the machine should be read and observed carefully to avoid personal injury. 


  11、Please adjust the confirmation parameters before operation, otherwise the operation may appear unpredictable. 


  12、Extreme parameter adjustment will cause unstable operation, so adjust within the required range. 


  13、Please do not subject the machine to strong impact, a otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the machine and even damage.


  14、Please do not place objects on the machine, so as not to fall into the machine and make the machine damaged.

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